March 29, 2011 at 5:09 pm

My name is Taline and I have been taking Pilates with Christina for 2 years. Coming into Pilates in the final stages of a significant weight loss, I was looking for something that would sculpt and transform my body, and practicing Pilates under Christina’s instruction has allowed me to do just that. Christina’s passion for Pilates, combined with her expertise, and the care she extends towards her students make her an exceptional teacher and a true inspiration. With her guidance, I have been able to progress and advance in this discipline and achieve great physical strength and mental focus.

Christina, Congratulations on your new site! May this be the start of many great things!


September 14, 2011 at 2:19 pm

Your web site looks, sounds and is really great, just like your studio and your teaching abilities. It’s very well organized and it’s extremely sophisticated, both in appearance and presentation. Best of Luck! Love, Shecky

Pat Hayikian

September 19, 2011 at 6:40 am

My name is Patricia, I started taking Pilates with Christina when I was 51 years old. When I came to Christina, my Lupus, Orthopedic injuries and FibroMyalgia had made my body so stiff I felt like a very old woman. As a previous dancer this injured body was terrible to live with. I have been taking Pilates with Christina for about 7 years and she has helped me restore my bodies flexibility, strength and endurance. Christina’s knowledge of the body and expertise in Pilates has ensured that I do not further injure myself and is the reason I have not required the lower back surgery the doctors indicated was necessary in order to ease my pain. Christina modifies the exercises were needed to ensure the latter. I feel so much better that I now take a Spin class with her twice a week.

Mary Jo Lindeman

September 19, 2011 at 5:24 pm

I’m very grateful to Christina for putting me on the path to fitness. First, my neck wouldn’t stop aching. Then Christina gave me lengthening and strengthening exercises. Next, it was my shoulders. I couldn’t raise my arms, so she corrected my upper body posture. Before long, my back acted up and Christina taught me the secrets of strengthening my core. My left knee developed a persistent pain and she clued me in to my poor leg and knee alignment.
What a great kid! Next, she’ll have me leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Thanks, sugar.
Mary Jo (Christina’s Mom)

Susan Rosen

October 4, 2011 at 8:58 pm

I have been taking Christina’s amazing Pilates instruction for more than a year and a half, starting about a year after a hip replacement. She is a caring and professional instructor, always remembering which student has which body problem/injury and tailoring each session individually, even when she is working with several students simultaneously. Christina is a gifted Pilates teacher; her instructions are always clear and easy to follow and she inspires her students to want to do a little more each time while maintaining close supervision of each person to encourage proper technique and positioning. I personally have gained strength, flexibility and range of motion with Christina’s warm and professional teaching style.

Susan Rosen

I’ve enjoyed Christina’s classes for about four years. She truly provides top-quality instruction, and is one of those rare teachers who really gets to know her clients as individuals. I find that very impressive in these days of mega-gyms and enormous group workout classes. Always mindful of the physical limitations of each member of the class, she pushes us to progressively get stronger and more skilled. There is nothing cookie-cutter about Christina’s approach, and now that she has opened the Sherman Oaks studio, I’m glad to have the option of indoor cycling and workouts on the reformer.

Jennifer Bills

October 18, 2011 at 2:57 am

I’ve been thinking so much about where to start with this testimonial. First of all, I’d like to thank Pat for referring me to Christina, 18+ months ago. I have been physically fit for most of my adult life but suffered from tennis elbow on both of my arms, ultimately having surgery on both elbows. I could hardly close my hatchback, pick up my purse or do anything arm-related, even after a year of physical therapy. Enter Christina and her Pilates. 18+ months ago, I immediately started getting stronger. Her knowledge of anatomy, what is wrong with you, is just unparalleled. I couldn’t do ONE, not ONE, pushup when I came to her. Now I can do over 25! My husband is in the health care business and I have access to many physicians and health care professionals, so it’s not like I wasn’t connected to the best. BUT……SHE is the BEST. When you train with her, it’s all about YOU. Not her, even though she is the most physically fit person I’ve ever met. She wants that for you, too, and it shows in her training. Just incredible. Now, I’m Spinning with her after begging her to open up classes, which she did. I believe I am probably in the best, strongest, shape of my life. I’m 55 years old but very strong, due to her. I cannot tell you how she has changed my life. I just feel fantastic. In addition to being very professional, knowledgeable (extremely) she is just a lovely person. I call her “Hercules”. Go Hercules! See you tomorrow!! :)))))